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Alex Kosiorek is a published audio engineer, digital media producer and manager, who specializes in projects and initiatives that promote excellence utilizing advanced production techniques. His expertise is multifaceted, ranging from codec implementation including online streaming, surround sound, live broadcasting, directing short and long form productions, systems design, multimedia, copyright compliance as well as being a conservatory-trained musician.

With years of experience, Alex has accomplished many industry firsts. These include producing one of the first high-quality classical Internet streams (winning worldwide praise), assisting in the creation of the first US radio station to commence 5.1 surround sound programming, and leading a design team to complete the first THX PM3 Certified Studio in a music conservatory worldwide.

Well-known in the professional community, Alex has contributed to trade publications and has made presentations for the Audio Engineering Society and National Association of Broadcasters and Technology for Music Education. Regularly contracted as an independent engineer and consultant, he is known to ensure the success of projects from inception to conclusion.

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